West Up Down South Showcase

Since final months of promotion and eventual production of “America’s Most Wanted,” we’ve been planning a series of showcases that would allow us to feature up and coming artists. Given the platform the Cali Picnic provides to independent rappers, singers and comedians, we felt it necessary to develop a unique opportunity for them to shine, even if it was not attached to a performance at the Cali Picnic.

Saturday was the beginning of that movement and while we didn’t have the turnout we expected, but it was just what it was supposed to be.

Among the participants featured were OG Outlaw Bandit Loc, Sacramento’s own Yoey Composes, and Mash Muzicc – a seasoned indie who’s made a name for himself in ATL industry circles.

At the end of the day, there were plenty smiles, an impromptu cypher (prompted by J Rocc of all people!), good music and great vibes!

Thanks to Club Fahrenheit for the love and Campbellton Road for tolerating the noise while we partied inside and out.

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      We are hosting another showcase at the Tupac Shakur Memorial Center this year. You are welcome to join the lineup and put it down again. Please click here to lock in your spot.


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