The CCAF Ignites Buzz For 23rd Annual Cali Picnic

In case you hadn’t heard, the 23rd Annual Cali Picnic: Westurn Union, is less than a week away. In our spirited takeover of the ATL, we’ve teamed up with some really good people to provide some dope events that will precede the #bestdayoftheyear.

We get approached every year to do an after party and other events that don’t always work out. The truth of the matter is The Cali Picnic has grown to heights that it’s never seen.

As such, we felt obliged to work with some folks that we thought would honor the rich legacy we’ve worked to build in our 23 years of existence. All that said, if it isn’t on this page, or somewhere on this site, it isn’t official.

In other words, party at your discretion.  Read more